Every Battery for Every Business

Businesses have always relied on power to make a profit. Today that holds true more than ever. From the boss’s quartz watch to the light in the exit sign you walk under everyday, power is needed all around you. But as technology has expanded, so has the need for better power sources. Batteries are keep every business up running, connected, accelerated, amped and jazzed. It’s all about going mobile and global. Devices are getting smaller and more advanced. Applications grow hungrier and more complex. The need for better batteries is growing exponentially. That’s where we come in. At Interstate All Battery Center, we understand power and the many needs for it. That’s because we know batteries and understand business.

Interstate All Battery Business-to-Business: We Have It. We Find It. We Build It.

Batteries at Your Service

Decades ago, we decided to become the battery experts. Our staff must pass extensive training so that through our testing, charging and conditioning, you get the most effective battery solution possible. So while others may sell batteries, we offer solutions.

Our experienced technicians can create a battery pack for the most remote battery, ranging from cordless razors to dustbusters. We can even customize a battery for more power or longer life and run time. Our promise is simple: We Have It or We Find It or We Build It.™

When it comes to customer service, we go further—just like our batteries. We have dedicated experts in the field who would love to talk batteries with you. Our computerized inventory delivery system allows us to accomplish on-time delivery to customers all over North America. We make it easy to do business with Interstate All Battery Center.

We are all about taking care of you and your business. Contact us today for more information or Business-to-Business pricing: email CustomerService@interstatebatteries.com or call 1.800.541.8419.

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