Thank you for your recent ad on Fox News. I loved it! I was very depressed believing that Americans had deserted God. Your ad brought me hope! May God bless you, your employees and your company.

We are on a similar mission - furthering His kingdom. I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage you as we band together, each doing our tiny part to cause "the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ."

I just wanted to tell you how refreshing your "God's love" commercial is. Not many companies even approach the subject of God. I think you are doing a great work by spreading the GREAT NEWS! I look forward to more of your commercials!

Thank you for the Christmas commercial about needing more of God's love in us. I had no idea that Interstate Batteries supported my Christian beliefs. Thank you for sharing this commercial with the world.

I love the new ad campaign. It is nice to see something positive. If only we could get people to treat others as they wished to be treated. Thank you and keep up the good work. Interstate is the only place to buy batteries. I purchase batteries for my car, motorcycle and riding lawn mower. They have it all.

I saw your awesome commercial on Fox News today and wanted to say thank you. I live in the town next to Sandy Hook, Conn. and a commercial like this is especially needed in times like these. Thank you for not being afraid to put God front and center. God bless you all.

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I am so happy to see a major company proclaiming the truth about life. I will never buy another brand of battery as long as I live. God bless you.

I just wanted to share how refreshing it was to see the God's Love commercial while watching A&E - Storage Wars! It's wonderful to see business owners who aren't afraid to advertise that they are Christian based. I will definitely remember this the next time I need a battery!

I want to thank Interstate for the "God's Love" commercial. I will never buy another battery unless it's an Interstate Battery.

My husband just showed me your "God's Love" commercial on YouTube. This prompted me to look up and read your testimony online. I know that you did not give this message for gain. But, you have gained our business. I intend to share your testimony with my entire address book. Just this morning I was convicted about not being bold enough in my belief. You showed me how.

Thank you for your expression of faith.

My husband saw your ad this afternoon and mentioned it to me. I do not know your story, but I am listening. Thank you so much for speaking up.

I am a stay at home mom of three. I just sat down to watch Fox News and saw a wonderful commercial about God's love. I was curious to see what company placed the ad and was shocked to see it was a battery company. I did some research on your company and only wish I could work for you. I appreciate the ad and hope you and your company have a wonderful year! Thank you for making my morning brighter!

I just saw your commercial about needing more of God's love. What a refreshing message from a corporation. After seeing it I viewed your website and read your number one mission was to glorify God. Thanks for having the strength to make such a bold statement for God.

I want to applaud Interstate for being bold enough to run this new commercial about God's love on TV! WOOHOO!!!! I can't begin to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate this! Keep the messages coming!
Dave & Pat

Congratulations to Norm Miller for the outstanding "God's Love" commercial. I'm proud of you!

I love your commercial about God's Love. Thank you!

It was really nice to see a commercial that wasn't just trash. God's love is boundless.

I just wanted to thank you for your commercial about God's love. It's great to know there is a company that wants us to remember God's love and is not just concerned with selling a product.

Just saw your "God's Love" commercial. Bravo! It definitely gave me a good laugh. Please keep up the good work.

After seeing your commercial, I have decided to shop your company first. Good work.

Just saw your TV commercial. It was awesome!

Just wanted to say thank you, for continuing to run your "We need more of God's love" commercial. The commercial was a big reason why I decided to purchase Interstate Batteries for my two vehicles. Takes a lot of courage to have a commercial that means something and the truth it brings couldn't be more relevant than it is today.

I saw your God's Love commercial last night, and was compelled to write. Thanks for the welcome change to business as usual. I am going to pass a link to your commercial to my friends. I will start looking more closely for the Interstate logo when doing my shopping from here on out.

Love the YouTube video about God's love.

I'm blown away. To have a major corporation openly support God's love is truly amazing!

I just saw the God's Love video on TV. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It is outstanding and just what we need. I will turn to Interstate Batteries for my next battery purchase.

I just want to thank you for the commercial you currently have running on DIY network. It blesses me every time I see those hearts swirling around people and changing their attitude. Very bold move! God bless you and your business.

We just saw your ad during the national championship game and were impressed. Thank you for spreading God's love. Bless you!

I saw your ad while watching The Factor. It shows love in wonderful ways.

I just saw your God's love ad while watching Fox News this morning. Thank you for this ad. I never thought I would see an ad like this from a major corporation. You are my hero.

I just wanted to say thank you for being a national brand that is not afraid to publicly profess Christianity and the truth about who God is. It is so refreshing to see that a company still gets it. I have never purchased your batteries, but after reading the background info on your website, I will be happy to support your vision. I think you have made a new customer for life!

Just want to give you kudos on your new TV commercial about needing more of God's love in the world. Oh what a wonderful world it could be if everyone would be responsible for how they treat one another. Thank you so much for stepping up with this ad!

I just watched your animated ad during the "Fox and Friends" show. I loved it. It was powerful. We will only buy your product from now on.

I am praising God for your willingness to create the "God's Love" commercial. "Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!" (2 Corinthians 9:15 ESV). I will consider buying Interstate batteries next time.

I just saw your commercial on Fox News. I was very impressed with what I saw. Good job! Would love to see and hear more!

I applaud you for your commercial. I will use your services in the future! We need more companies like you to spread the Word! Pray you will have a successful 2013!

Thank you for airing the commercial about sharing God's love. It was awesome! May sharing God's love be everyone's New Year resolution! Happy New Year!

I saw your commercial and wanted to say thank you for the Christian message!

I want to extend a warm thank you for your God's Love commercial. I have only seen it once and hope to see it much more. It's so refreshing to see companies that are willing to take a moral stance in this world. I will definitely use Interstate Batteries for my future battery needs.

What courage it took to run this commercial. It was shown at our church service this morning. I have not yet seen it on TV. GOOD FOR YOU! My husband also liked the "Tucker" automobile that was shown in the video. Thank you for having the ability and courage to run this commercial.

My hats off to you! I just saw your God's Love commercial. In a day and age where other companies scrape ideas out of the gutter, your company stands out. I will definitely be buying Interstate Batteries brand from now on. Thank you for standing up for what's good and moral.

Thank you so much for the wonderful commercial. I loved it and am so impressed that a large company would care enough to produce such a commercial. I usually DVR the shows I watch and fast forward through commercials. As I was fast forwarding, I noticed the hearts and God's Love slogan. I backed up and watched the commercial. Thank you so much. We farm and I will be sure to mention your company to my husband so he can keep your brand in mind for future purchases.

Thank you for awesome messages about sharing God's love!

We just have to tell you how much we appreciate your bold stand for Christianity. It is so refreshing to see a prominent company that is brave enough to sponsor the "God's Love" ads. Every day we are bombarded with the anti-Christian attitudes. It is encouraging. I draw strength from it to carry on.
Jack and Kaye

My wife and I saw your "God's Love" commercial for the first time tonight and wanted to express our enjoyment of this experience. It is indeed a bold statement for a company to air such an ad. Thanks for taking a stand on the importance of having God in our lives. The YouTube version with Norm Miller's narrative is priceless. I posted it on my Facebook page and I am getting great reviews. I am happy to have Interstate Batteries in my car, truck and motor home. I always knew that this was a great company and now I know why.
Jake & Shari

Hello. I recently viewed your commercial titled God's Love and I want you to know I was very pleased to see such a beautiful theme.

Thank you very much for your commercials about sharing God's Love. I have been a fan for years starting with The Great American Race, your involvement with World Vision and now these commercials. Keep doing God's work and I will pray for you and your business.

I just bought a battery for my Expedition, but now I need a new one for my Ford Edge. That one will be an Interstate battery. Wish I had known about your commercial prior to buying another brand. You will get my support from now on.

Would like to say thank you for your ad about "all this world needs is more of God's Love". We need more companies that are willing to put this truth out. Thank you again. I know that I will be looking to purchase my next batteries from you.

I loved the commercial and we need MORE like it! Keep it up and God bless!

I just want to thank you so deeply for the God's love commercial. I'm an interim pastor at a very small church here in Opal, Wyoming. I also own a small oil field construction business. I will only be buying Interstate Batteries from this day forward. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and speak openly about God. I look forward to what comes next.

I had to buy a replacement car battery today from my local Firestone dealer in Matteson, IL.The battery in my used car was an old Interstate battery, and I replaced it with another Interstate battery. I very much want to support Interstate Batteries ever since I saw the first "God's Love" commercial. I was astounded and very happy to see such a message produced by a corporation. Many thanks to Norm Miller and Interstate Batteries for putting out such a great message!

Your TV commercial is wonderful. Thank you for putting it out there for all of us to see! I believe God is working miracles today, and we are witnessing those miracles in the media and sports on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing your belief in a proud and public manner. It's no surprise your company is blessed with success.

I have deep admiration for you and the way you have chosen to speak out about God. Each time I see this commercial it makes me feel so good to know that somewhere out there in the business world is a business owner who has taken the step to honor God in such a wonderful expressive way. WAY TO GO!!! You are a terrific business owner who has proven to be a truly great Christian. Thanks for being you.

I just wanted to tell you that your commercial is awesome, great, and splendid - there aren't words to describe what I felt. Thank you. I am going to post the commercial on Facebook and Twitter, plus tell my internet friends about this ad. Mr. Miller is a man to be admired. I would think working for him would be the best 'kudos' in the world.

Thank you for your inspirational and faith-based commercial. I have seen it a couple times now and it is good for people to see these things on TV and at the movie theaters. I appreciate you standing up for what you believe in. I believe more people should share that. You have gained a customer as well, because I would like to be a proud supporter of such an organization. Keep it up and stand firm in your Christian faith.

How wonderfully refreshing it was to see your ad! In this politically correct world, where everything is "ok" and has to be accepted, it was great to see our country's freedom of religion being exercised by your company. Your understated yet most powerful ad has gained an undying respect from me and I will share this every chance I get. I would love to see a link on your website. Well done! God is great and so is Interstate!

I appreciate your commercial and will buy your batteries from now on.

I saw your commercial tonight. I've seen it before but didn't catch who put it out. May God continue to richly bless your company and may you continue to share that love with everyone! You have a customer for life!

WOW! I was watching TV today, I think the GMC channel, and I saw your Interstate commercial about needing more of God's love. I am so happy to see a large company like Interstate Batteries create and broadcast a commercial like this. So many people and companies are too scared they will offend others, which is cowardly in my eyes. Thank you for the commercial.

Like your ad regarding God's Love. It's Great. I will buy your batteries and products now!

I saw your commercial referencing God's love. You have gained a new customer.

Our family saw a commercial on TV today that witnessed to the power of Christian love. It used cartoon characters that were angry and fighting until love (in the form of floating hearts) came in and changed each situation toward peace and happiness. It was a refreshing break from the norm and what was most surprising was the subtle ad at the end that said Interstate Batteries. Kudos to you! You can be sure to get our business the next time we are in need of a product you sell. I hope more companies see this and begin to do the same sort of thing. We would love to support any business that is willing to use their commercial time to spread the love of God instead of the trash that passes for advertising today.

I just saw your commercial about God's love. I wanted to say thank you for producing and airing it. In today's fractured religious society, it is refreshing to see a company take a stand and promote their beliefs. I hope that you will continue to air such uplifting commercials. I have always supported your company by buying only Interstate Batteries for my vehicles, and I am encouraging others to do the same. I will most certainly continue that practice and spread the word about your message.

I have always supported your company by buying only Interstate batteries for my five vehicles, and I am encouraging others to do the same. I will most certainly continue that practice and spread the word about your message.

Just saw your commercial proclaiming our need for God's love. Good job! Congratulations on standing for what you believe in!

What an awesome commercial about God's love! I have a brother-in-law that works in your Canby, Oregon facility. I will be sure to tell him I love his company's commercial. We need more of this type of messaging. Continue God's work.

This is great. I am former garage owner who appreciated your product. Now, I appreciate your organization as a whole.

I saw your commercial and it is great. I also visited the I AM SECOND website. It was nice. I will buy Interstate next time around.

I want to thank you for the "God's love" TV ad. It was inspiring and refreshing.

I love your commercial!

Thanks for the ad spot you aired on Fox News. It is so refreshing to see a spiritual emphasis on Godly living on TV! Keep up the good work. I do a lot of mechanic work on the side and will seek out Interstate Batteries the next time I need a battery.

I just saw your commercial about God's love. Wow! I never gave a second thought about what battery I bought. I also never gave your company a second thought. Because your company just showed courage and displayed a God centered commercial, you now have lifelong customer. I just shared your commercial on my face book page. Keep up the good work.

Love the commercial! Please know that I will make every effort to buy your products over a competitors simply because of your fantastic message.

I don't usually stay up too late, but the other night I saw your God's Love commercial, and I just was in awe. Keep making those commercials and sending out the truth of God's Love!

Thank you for putting in the effort to create a campaign focused around kindness. All too often, there is anger, greed and selfishness in the world - THANK YOU for taking the time to encourage God's love, kindness and forgiveness. It is refreshing to see a corporation do this! Thank you,

Just saw your God's love commercial - Nice to see a corporate entity with the courage to trust God and use their power in advertising for good. Thanks.

Thank you for the wonderful TV commercials depicting God's Love. I just love how perfectly you put it out there! Will definitely buy from you next time.

I just saw your commercial about God's love. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Thank you for standing for Christian values and sharing the message of our awesome
God's love!!

My family, friends and I will always buy Interstate Batteries. We enjoy the God's love commercial!

This is why I love Interstate Batteries!! I love this commercial!

Keep these commercials coming. We need more like these.

Thank you very much for having the courage to take a chance with this commercial. We certainly need more of this type of thinking and a move in the direction of God in this country. Simply amazing! I believe you will see tremendous returns on this investment.

Saw your commercial on television awhile ago and posted it for all my friends to see and share. God bless you for sharing this with us all. I love it. Makes me want to go buy an Interstate battery, even though I don't need one right now!! LOL. But I'll definitely remember this when I do need another one!! Thanks for the lift!!

It is good to see a company not afraid to put God in its advertising!

Right on Norm! God bless you and your family.

I love the God's love commercial. Thank you for doing the commercial! I have never bought Interstate batteries before but I will in the future. Thanks again!

The new Interstate commercial made me smile. Thank you and Happy New Year to all of you.

Great God's Love Commercial - Thank You for making a difference!!! Glory to God in the Highest!!!!!!!!

My wife and I saw your commercial during a football game. What a refreshing difference from most of the commercials you see during games. Thank you for your courage! What a witness!

I Love your commercial on God's Love. My husband has worked for Interstate Batteries for 22 years and being a Christian company is one of the things we like about it.

Awesome commercial and awesome testimony by the CEO! Thank you for your boldness in our increasing secular culture! Very courageous and powerful!

I became a fan of your company based purely on that ad. Kudos for having the courage of your convictions. I'll be looking for your products when I need my next battery.

I am very happy that my nephew works at Interstate Batteries. I know a little about the background of Interstate and their Christian ethics. We have Interstate batteries in all of our cars.

I was shocked to see an advertiser promote God!!!! I am so impressed with you guys!! We have a transmission shop and don't have your batteries in here, but am going to! I had no idea. God Bless You!!

Great commercial. Kudos to Interstate!

I love it. I'm with Interstate and the #18 team for life. Praying for you guys!

I don't exactly know when the commercial first aired but my wife and I saw it for the first time tonight during the Champs Sports Bowl game. What a great commercial. I spent some time on your web site learning more about Norm Miller. What a refreshing message to see on television. We need more people like Mr. Miller to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Mr. Miller's testimony and your corporate culture is encouraging. With today's pressure and temptations in the corporate world, it is really great that there is a Chairman of the quality of Mr. Miller. I see that he is going to be speaking near me next April and I will have to plan on attending. Thank you again for such a great statement to our world about our Savior, Jesus Christ!!

My husband and I just saw your God's Love commercial and were deeply touched that your company made it. It is the first commercial we have seen where a well-known company openly speaks about God and His love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God's love is truly awesome! Thank you so much for what you have done! We hope and pray that your commercial reaches many people who desperately need God's love!
Mike and Tara

Just wanted to let you know how happy was to see your commercial about God's Love on FOX News! I believe these kind of messages in commercials and TV programming are very important. Thank you very much. I don't need a battery right now but my next one will be an Interstate Battery.

Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so impressed with your brave testimony on Dish network, your God's Love commercial and website. For the rest of my life, I will be buying your batteries and supporting your business! Thank you and keep spreading the Message of God!

I LOVE IT! Thank you for proclaiming God's love and how it's power to transform hearts works in human interaction. Keep up the good work.

While watching the Huskers on ESPN I was so surprised to see a commercial like your God's love commercial!!! Let me just say that it got my attention like no other I've seen for a long time!!! Instead of using the "sex sells" strategy, you went the other way, and let me tell you it worked. I know many people with several diesel vehicles. From now on I'm buying and recommending only Interstate batteries!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I just want to commend you for the God's Love commercial. May God bless you and your work.

What a wonderful ad! I saw it tonight and was so surprised to see its source. We just got our first Interstate battery when we moved to Nebraska. It is so refreshing to see a company take a stand FOR God and share the message of Jesus Christ. I've just spent a little time looking at the ministry links on the God's Love page. I am inspired! Thank you, Norm, for taking a stand and putting your faith first.

I love the commercial! I will make every effort to buy your products simply because of your fantastic message.

I saw your God's love commercial and shared it on my Facebook page. Because your company showed courage and presented a God centered commercial, you now have lifelong customer. Keep up the good work.

I am a loyal customer who has always been impressed by your product quality and price. After viewing your God's love commercial, I was further impressed by your Christian stance. I praise God for your boldness and commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I like your new TV ad. I support Interstate and its Christian stance.

I love the God's Love commercial! Keep it up!

God bless you! I was blessed by your God's Love commercial! I've been praying that America awakens to God's love. I expect God to do great things for Interstate Batteries.

After watching you ad, I am committed to making Interstate Batteries my choice brand. I believe God needs to be everywhere - your ad has the same idea. Thank you.

I really appreciate your commercial. It is great to see something with values. You have me as a customer. I will also recommend your company on my website.

I saw your God's love commercial. I am glad you had the courage to put such a bold statement on television. Because of this commercial, I will continue to purchase batteries from Interstate.

I just saw your commercial on Fox News. I am impressed that a company would take a stand and mention God's love in an ad. I've never bought an Interstate battery before and I will never buy anything other than an Interstate battery again - strictly because of that ad. I want to commend all of you for taking this kind of stand and being public about it. I pray that Christians will see this ad and only buy Interstate Batteries. I thank you. I bless you. I appreciate you.


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