Interstate All Battery Center and NBC’s Al Roker Surprise Seacoast Science Center as part of “TODAY’s Lend a Hand”

JUNE 25, 2010

Interstate All Battery Center (IABC) joined NBC Today weatherman Al Roker this morning with a surprise delivery of batteries to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, N.H. Roker completed his ninth annual “TODAY’s Lend a Hand” tour of five American cities at which he surprised selected charities with
donated items.

Interstate All Battery Center provided the facility with a total of 900 alkaline batteries (size D and 9V),
10 solar crank flashlight radios, 10 surge protectors, two 800-watt power inverters, 50 baseball cap lights, and an uninterrupted power supply unit.

Interstate All Battery Center franchisee John Cyr, from Merrimack, N.H., and Brian Lawrence were on hand this morning at Seacoast Science Center to help Roker unload the batteries from the truck during the Today Show broadcast. Interstate All Battery Center joined other corporations in providing products for selected charities this week during the “TODAY’s Lend a Hand” tour.

“Interstate All Battery Center is proud to support the ‘TODAY’s Lend a Hand’ program and the important initiatives and exhibits at the Seacoast Science Center,” said Scott Miller, Vice President of Interstate All Battery Center. “It is important to provide communities with educational learning experiences, and Interstate All Battery Center is happy to donate these batteries to help the facility continue to provide vital services to the coastal and surrounding communities.”

The Seacoast Science Center in Rye is a place for families and students to learn about coastal environmental history through “connections to nature through personal learning experiences in the natural sciences.” The Center provides engaging and interactive programs and exhibits. The exhibits and programs are designed for all ages, from pre-kindergarten to adult, and focus on the seven very different habitats surrounding the center.

Earlier this week, at the “TODAY’s Lend a Hand” surprise stop at the Iowa Homeless Youth Center Buchanan Transitional Living House in Des Moines, Iowa, Interstate All Battery Center donated a total of 2,250 alkaline batteries (size A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V), 10 solar crank flashlight radios, 10 surge protectors, two 800-watt power invertors, 50 baseball cap lights, an uninterrupted power supply unit, and a science kit that contained five power house kits, six fuel cell car kits, three first electronics kits, three motor mania kits, two electronics lab kits, five door alarm kits, four weather station kits, and six homopolar motor kits to that facility.

Each year, the “TODAY’s Lend a Hand” tour’s mission is to help charities across America that work towards improving conditions in their communities. At each surprise stop this week in San Francisco, Calif.; Bozeman, Mont.; Des Moines, Iowa; Memphis, Tenn.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Rye, N.H. Roker helped unload donated items from the truck and spent time throughout the broadcast at the charity location, introducing its efforts to NBC TODAY viewers.



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