Outrageously Dependable® Stewardship

Every time you buy a new Interstate battery, what happens to your old car battery?# 1 in Battery Recycling in the U.S.

For more than 60 years, Interstate Batteries has worked to make that answer something everyone can be proud of.

After all, as a one-billion-dollar brand in the battery industry, we believe “leading the industry” means we have the opportunity to set a high standard for protecting the environment.

The truth is we recycle more batteries than we sell.

Today, we're America’s No. 1 recycler of lead-acid batteries. They are one of most recycled products in America at 96% reclamation, beating out scrap tires (75%), paper (66%), aluminum (55%) and plastic (8%), according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our vast distribution network covers every county of the United States, making us one of America’s most efficient collectors of spent lead-acid batteries. We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard than established norms in the marketplace. That’s why we developed our own Green Standard recycling practices.


After a battery's useful life, its contents can become an environmental hazard. That’s where Interstate steps in. We work hard to reclaim all of the reusable lead and plastic.

We also strive to ensure proper handling and recycling of spent lead-acid batteries, from old batteries coming in to new going out.

The Green Standard is our proprietary recycling practice designed to meet and exceed federal and state transportation and environmental regulations.

We use unique packaging materials and practices to ensure stable transport and to track every load on its way to recycling facilities registered with the U.S. EPA. We even train and certify everyone in our warehouses who touches a lead-acid battery within the Green Standard.

We’re proud to have developed a closed-loop system that safely channels old batteries into the manufacturing of new batteries.


Recycling should be easy, whether you’re a business, government agency or just a guy with a few batteries lying around.

Count on us for expert handling of your spent batteries. We handle records, provide central management of multiple pick-ups and much more.

If you’ve got a one-time pickup, call us at 888.872.4001 or email us at recycle@ibsa.com. To get a quick response, please have the battery type, quantity and your ZIP code ready. If you are unsure about the battery type of battery, please describe what the battery came out of.

If you’re interested in joining our recycling program, click the Recycling Form button below to tell us who you are and how we can help.

Visit your local Interstate Distributor or call 1.888.USA.4100 for a recycling location near you.